SMAREPC—Technical advantages

CICA (Composite insulated cross arm) replaces the combination of "traditional iron cross arm + hanging insulated string" in overhead transmission lines, and acts as an insulating support for high-voltage wires. It has more excellent electric insulation and mechanical performance than traditional solutions which can significantly reduce the cost of construction of the line and the cost of operation & maintenance throughout the life cycle, making the line safer.

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Our solution can eliminate operational reliability problems as flashover of external insulation, brittle failure, explosion, and others. Save construction costs, and enable for safer, more economical, and more environmentally friendly transmission and distribution of electric energy. Further, make the external insulation maintenance-free during the entire life cycle.

Global case

Leading global technology and promoting industry change.
  • 01

    Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Lines

    CICA applied in different tower types, including tangent tower, angle tower, tension tower etc.

    The sole supplier of cross arm for “diamond-shaped”.

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  • 02

    TS TRANSCO Hyderabad 132kV Upgrade Project

    Reduce the corridor by 4.1 meters(31% decreased)

    The hanging point of conductor is raised by 2 meters

    The spacing from the lead wire sag lowest point to the ground is lifted by 2.6 meters (37% increase)

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  • 03

    The second channel 750kV project of Xinjiang part connecting with the Northwest Main Grid

    Reduce the corridor by 13 meters

    Nominal height down by 5m

    Steel consumption down by 10t

    Concrete consumption down by 10m³

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  • 04

    Linzhou-Shaoxing ±800kV Overhead Transmission Line

    Nominal height down by 9m

    Steel consumption down by 9.5t

    Concrete consumption down by 16.7m³

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  • 05

    Xilingol League~Shengli 1000kV Overhead Transmission Line

    Nominal height down by 8m (15%)

    Reduce the corridor by 22 meters (35%)

    Steel consumption down by 6.8t (12.2%)

    Concrete consumption down by 20%

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  • 06

    110/220kV Technical Transformation Turnkey Project in Dali, Yunnan, China

    Reduce the corridor by 0.8 meters

    Avoid dangers of insulator aging and strong wind

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